Valiant Tradition
From the landlocked shores of Lake Texoma comes a world-girdling 50-footer that hearkens back to the good ol' days
The Valiant 50 comes to life in a Wild West boatyard flanked by an airstrip, a rustic marina resort, and a petting zoo, all choreographed under the watchful eye of company president Rich Worstell. Before 1984, Worstell had been a major dealer for Valiant, a line that began when Robert Perry designed the first Valiant 40 in 1973. For 10 years Uniflite built them in Bellingham, Washington, until Worstell took over and carted the molds down to Texas.

In his role as ringmaster, Worstell has put a strong, personal stamp on Valiant. He and his crew stick-build interiors to an owner's whim; they
add, delete, and modify systems; they fit out a boat to any level desired. When it comes to semicustom boatbuilding, this company puts the emphasis on "custom." A close look at the yard reveals why Valiant remains many cruising sailors' benchmark of the way boat building should be done.

The Valiant 50 springs from a modified 47 hull mold, another Bob Perry design. The nicely proportioned double ender has gone through a fullscale rethink of deck, keel, rig, and systems.

A Strong Suit
   The front page of every Valiant brochure promises